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Monday Musings - May 26th 2020

Updated: May 26, 2020

Are we human beings or human doings? That question has been on my mind this week. Learning to shift my business online during these last few weeks has been rewarding & challenging in equal measure.

Rewarding because it means I can & do still have a business, challenging because of a new or rather ‘old’ culture that’s reappeared. I’ve talked about feeling ‘zoomed out’ and this week I think I may have worked out why….. it’s the human doing v human being.

When I was in the ‘corporate’ world I’d often decry the back to back meeting culture, & the professional meeting attenders. I fought hard against it, because if you’re constantly in meetings then; when do you do the work? Since lockdown it’s occurred to me that whilst agile new ways of working have been enabled, the old meetings culture has been brought from the office into people’s homes. I believe people are having even more meetings now & by the end of the day are utterly frazzled!

So, I thought it a useful time to remind us all of a previous quote I have used in my musings. Being busy (in meetings) isn’t the same as being effective & we are human BEINGS not human DOINGS. So, carve out your day to include thinking time, rest, creativity, BEING. I promise it’ll make for a much happier/resourceful you!

For those planning the return to work & its ‘new normal’ (whatever that means) remember having the technical ability does not mean you have the culture or mind-set balance …. Spend quality time & creativity working on that … please!

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