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Hello and welcome to my website! I’m so glad you dropped by, come on in and have a mooch! If you’re interested in finding out about me and how I might work with you, have a good old browse around and meet the Heroes and Stardust family - do look out for my Scotties CoCo and Bowie they’re a bit cheeky. I’ll pop the kettle on!

Who I Am


“Everything I do is ultimately about building your capacity and capability to do things for yourselves – if I build a dependency model with you – I have failed” Catriona Hudson


I was born into a family of proud Scots, pure Celts which I think is perhaps where I get my sense of ‘tribe,’ appreciation of people and how we can get the best out of ourselves and each other. A sense of belonging, community … culture.


I have spent the majority of my career working hard (and successfully) to get the very best out of people and organisations. In a world that is filled with uncertainty, change and let’s face it, wonderful opportunities, it makes sense to me that being clear on what you or your organisation wants to achieve is key. Building the mindset, capacity, capability and systems to achieve that - well it’s not rocket science is it? Well …. it is kind of!


Sometimes it is hard to see the wood for the trees and we all need to stop, breathe, think, set a goal, plan then deliver brilliantly!


My role is to help you get the clarity, get that plan and be at your very best to achieve it. My professional background is in Organisational Development. I identify and address root cause issues to ensure lasting effective change that goes way beyond traditional ‘feel-good fixes' Everything I do is ultimately to help you build your capacity and capability be that as an individual, team, division or organisation to be able to thrive.


When you no longer need me – that’s how I know I have succeeded!


My aim? To help you get clarity, gain personal control, to help yourselves – to love who you are and what you do, oh and be brilliant at it!!!

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