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Passionate About Inspiring Others

About Me 


After training as an actor I used and developed my skills further in the world of business (as an actor I was a great waitress!) I have worked in senior leadership positions over a number of years and specialise in Organisational Development, Coaching, Leadership Development, Team and Personal Development and I'm a highly respected and credible leader myself - I’m also a dab hand at strategic thinking and leading transformational change programs. When I am not doing all of that - I have the best time being a motivational speaker. 

My career and life has been varied, a rich tapestry! Working as a professional actor and singer taught me the importance of discipline, precision, creativity and research. As an actor you need to know yourself and your character as a leader you need to know yourself and your staff.

From acting I went into the world of ‘people’ starting out as a trainer and moving into senior executive and leadership positions where I lead people across a range of disciplines including Transformational Change and Organisational Development, Human Resources, Learning & Development, Policy, Performance, Innovation, Procurement, Customer Involvement, Customer Experience, Equality and Diversity, Governance, Marketing and Communication, Leadership.

I am passionate about keeping myself up to date, pushing my experiences and learning to afford you the latest thinking, ideas and innovation. There’s always learning to be had and I’m happy for my clients to benefit from my learning, my experience, trophies and bruises!

I have built up a strong reputation as an independent consultant. Working across the public, private, sport and third sectors. I have a record of success creating credible change at an organisation, team and individual level. I am becoming a bit of a victim of my own success (which is lovely). I’m now highly sought after for my warm, motivational and experienced approach which I am told is infectious, engaging but best of all delivers shift. As a result I also work with a range of great associates. People who I have previously worked for, with or have used myself in my previous career. This means whatever your challenge I can help - or know someone even better, either way Heroes and Stardust prides itself in delivering you the best, bespoke, highly professional service that delivers great results.

“you are only as good as your last gig – I am passionate about doing a great job, my aim is to engage, deliver and delight! If you’re happy – then I am happy” Catriona Hudson

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