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Monday Musings - May 11th 2020

What a week eh? The highlight was a lovely VE celebration with my 93 year-old neighbour Alf (with rules of course!) He spent the actual VE day celebrating in my home with the village and the old farmer and so we thought we’d do it all again!

How fantastic was it to listen to his stories, how he watched the search light for bombers heading to Coventry, rationing, daily fear and of course daily kindness and community spirit. On VE day the villagers combined their rations so they could give the children a party – ‘the children had suffered so much’ he said. The adults setting aside their own struggles and heartache to show kindness and hope to the children.

His reflection was that today we have an invisible enemy but we must learn from the past. To slow down, be grateful, love one another, show kindness, welcome our Lord and show humility. Work with nature and only use what you need and “no more than that”. He then said ‘Focus on love because love will always grow the most” Wow – wise words indeed, and so true. In coaching we are taught that what you focus on will expand. I wonder .. what are you focussing on? Me? I’m focussing on how blessed I am to have found my wonderful new friend .. Alf!

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