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Monday Musings - October 12th 2020

Updated: Oct 13, 2020

I came across this today and I love it

The last few months have been ‘a white-knuckle ride with highs & lows, I feel like I’ve been on an endurance event! What I’ve noticed recently is a renewed positivity, a clearness of thought which has brought me back to ‘managing oneself’. I’ve definitely devoted more time to my values, learning, environment & strengths. My diary is filled with live/virtual events as well as my beloved presenting & coaching. It feels fab!

When I was in the grip of bereavement I found it so difficult to think of anything else, yet I was persistent in my attempts to show self-compassion to savour & manage my environment. I can’t say I was too hot on learning or performing but never-the-less I did manage (just about) to do a lot of the other stuff.

When we are in the grip life can feel consuming, being a leader, at our best - a distant aspiration. It can feel difficult to think about creating space for managing oneself. We have foggy thinking as the logical brain simply isn’t working (but that’s a whole other musing!) In truth, this is precisely the time when managing oneself via coaching can be at its most powerful.

So, for those of you who are still feeling stuck, exhausted or just plain need to breathe & consider the first small step, clear a little space for coaching, it will give you the clarity to focus on self-kindness & support you to support yourself to find your path, to manage oneself to get the best out of you, others & life.

Take that breath today.

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