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Monday Musings - August 31st 2020

Updated: Sep 9, 2020

New reality is what has been on my mind this last week. Following the funeral of my best friend I’m now well & truly in the Kubler-Ross curve & seeking new meaning, new reality safe in the knowledge that it’s never linear & I’ll be back at stage 1 again soon!

In April, I delivered a webinar on the ‘KR curve & the pandemic’ I talked about the need for leaders to plan ahead for seeking new meaning as integration would be upon us soon &, well, you’d better be ready! So, I am curious where you are up to?

As schools return, shops & restaurants open & my own work diary now features ‘live’ face to face events I’m curious as to how ‘ready’ you feel? What are the measures you have put into place to enable that safe transition? For me I think this has to be a blend, it’s not all or nothing, home v office, it’s a mix & ideally a mix that encourages staff to lead & define for themselves. The $64m question needed for this to succeed is … do you trust your staff? If you don’t, why did you hire them? There will always be a % of loafers but they should be managed accordingly, what’s important now is that as a team/dept, organisation you work together to define this new blend to result in even better working practices & outcomes. This is a once in a generation opportunity for us to look at how we work & change things for the better – otherwise … what was it all for?

There is meaning to be found here and changes to be made .. be brave (glitter optional but fabulous)

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