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Monday Musings - August 24th 2020

This week I have been reflecting on the term ‘moving on’ for those of you who know me will recognise that the phrase SUMO (Shut Up Move On) is one of my favourite works to do.

Move on has taken a different look to me these past few weeks though and in truth I think help deepen my understanding of the term and its true meaning yet further.

It’s my friend’s funeral this week and I am dreading any platitudes around ‘getting over it in time’ or ‘you’ll get closure and be able to move on’ because I won’t and actually I don’t want to. I don’t want to put it behind me, no instead I want to remember and bring him with me through memories stories etc and still have him in my life just in a new way

The same I think is true of any ‘move on’ whether it’s grief, a new job, work conditions, a change in circumstance, positive or negative to ‘move on’ has to be first to experience, to learn, to grow from and then carry that forward with you – it’s not simply to cast aside and ‘get over it’.

When thinking about 2020 so far it has for sure been a strange year! There have been the highest highs and the lowest lows for many but we will prevail and life will return to some kind of normality but we cannot and should not simply ‘move on’ instead we must take the lessons and grow, remember what’s important, become even better if we can or what was it all for?

So, maybe take time to remember all that you loved and was great pre-2020 as well as what wasn’t and move forward, onto a changed world with humility and renewed strength. This is the greatest opportunity should we choose to grasp it.

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