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Monday Musings - July 6th 2020

Monday Musings: When did you last REST? Last week I returned to work with gusto after a week off. New goals, energy, lists! By Thursday I could feel my levels taking a hit! Then on Sunday I visited my elderly neighbour to go through his church service as he has no internet so I’ve been his (rubbish) rev for a while. I’m not a churchgoer but this week’s reading really hit home

“Come to me, all that are weary & are carrying heavy burdens & I will give you rest”

I have chatted with clients recently & the subject of tiredness has been a theme! Their exhaustion from back to back zoom, blurred lines of work and home. Missing connections, the impromptu chats at the canteen etc. There’s a real air of burn out!

So, let’s consider REST – it is an act of kindness, a necessity, restorative a basic human need and it is definitely NOT laziness. It’s allowing yourself the time to recharge and be your best self.





So, make a payment to yourself this week – invest in rest

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