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Monday Musings - June 8th 2020

“We can do more than we think”. This has been the bedrock of my work – a mantra which I believe and have followed … recently though, I’d lost sight of it.

Fortunately, my rediscovery of this truth came hurtling back into my life last week for which I am so grateful.

Last week I had a session with my own coach and as always I learned so much from it. I’d been feeling a bit flat, lost my mojo and was a bit, well ….. meh!

My coach suggested we do an NLP ‘modelling behaviour’ exercise which enables the client to finely and accurately pin point the thoughts feelings & behaviours they utilise when they are being their best self, when they are ‘brilliant’ or ‘in flow’. The idea being that if you can describe it you can keep modelling it and/or others can learn to do the same. The detailing we discovered was truly revealing and I heard myself saying ‘wow, is that what I do?’

It was perhaps the boost I needed as I had begun to lose sight of ‘me’. This was partly due to being in lockdown, feeling restricted & because I’ve been doing such a lot of coaching myself during which time I have been focussing on being in service of others.

I’d lost sight of me – what makes me flow – I had not been in enough service to myselfwhich had at times left me feeling drained. I needed to be my best friend, help me to get focussed, be my best self and show me some appreciation, recognition and love.

The next day I had a fitness session arranged. Despite my limbs still aching from the previous workout, I just got up, put my trainers on and prepared myself for 90 minutes of abject agony!! But you know what, I did it – every mile, every burpee (oh how I hate those) every push up, squat, lunge and whatever the heck the other tortures were. I felt amazing!

Because I did it, I kept going, despite the pain, I told myself ‘I can do this’ I just kept going, reminding myself that I deserve to feel good, that I can work hard, it will get easier, I deserve to look after myself and be at my best and I relearned something brilliant

I can do more than I think. When I am focussed, deliberate and showing love … to me.

So … maybe carve out some ‘me’ time this week, focus and give yourself ‘big love’. You might just discover something wonderful.

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