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Monday Musings - May 4th 2020

Updated: May 12, 2020

Monday musings: Human behaviour is fascinating – how we deal with change, grief is truly amazing. For me this means swinging from optimism through to utter fear. This can be daily or hourly depending on my mood – why? Because I am human.

What I have learnt so far is that going into isolation is actually fine, feeling utterly isolated and alone … isn’t. After all, ‘solitary’ is used as a form of punishment. The need for love, belonging, contact, a kind human interaction is so vital for our spirit. I have found my once a week outings for supplies are becoming a highlight because I can chat to someone new (poor staff I think they may get startled!!) And my catch up with my Covid buddy Alf (93 next birthday) are sources of sheer joy. At times, however my usual glass half full optimism has taken a hit and whilst this has left me with some very ‘interesting’ thoughts it has taught me the power of self-compassion. But it is tough!! Self-compassion is hard core and if you’re like me, it really has to be worked on with discipline.

So, my rules (for now) are:

  1. Remember you are human, it’s ok to not be ok. This too shall pass

  2. Get out into the garden, appreciate nature; she’s awesome

  3. Spend quality time with family be that in person or on-line; because they make you laugh

  4. Breathe, slow down – you don’t have to be “busy” to prove your worth!!

  5. Help others; there are people far worse off than you

  6. Take care of your physical diet and run/exercise; even though I hate it, it’s good for you!!!

  7. Take care of your mental diet. Only listen to experts and limit the intake – Brenda on FB is not an expert! Social media can make you wretched!

This is time for us to spend time learning how to raise our self-awareness, to slow down, sit with and get to know our thoughts and feelings, take stock and show compassion - be our best selves. How often do we get that chance?

Whilst the dark clouds are passing through – the blue sky always remains.

What are you doing to keep yourself resourceful?

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